Recap M32 Series Copenhagen

Recap M32 Series Copenhagen

Scandinavian Series Copenhagen was the first M32 event for FLUX Team. The team is currently on a steep learning curve, picking up everything they can to make it go faster.

First day went good, Johnie and his guys showed they was a team to look out for by winning several starts and leading races. However, being new in the boat and race against experienced crews is tricky. Mistakes in several races also gave FLUX Team some bad races and finished the day on place 6th, two points to third place. Johnie saw good chances to improve which feed an already great team spirit – one of the strongest features of our FLUX Team.

When the wind picked up for day two and three, it challenged all the teams to be quicker in their boat handling. FLUX continued to fight hard on the course, doing both good and bad races and taking every opportunity to soak in new knowledge. However, after day three the team finished on place sixth.

The improvement of the team has been significant, and since we all have had a great time – the team spirit is still up! Having fun is the most important thing – you can feel it through the team. Next up is the World Match Racing Tour in Copenhagen – the first match race event in M32s for FLUX Team. Stay tuned!

Cecilia Jansson